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Hanoi Train Station - Le Duan train station - Hang Co train station (Three in ONE)
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 Hanoi Train Station - Le Duan train station - Hang Co train station (Three in ONE)

“Ha Noi Railway Station” formally known as “Hang Co or Le Duan Railway station” was built in 1902 is a large train station in Viet Nam, located in Dong Da district Ha Noi. The station was named “Hanoi Station” after 1975 when Vietnamese people gained their independence and freedom. It is one of the most important transport bubs of Ha Noi capital that help many people especially tourists easy to move to the others famous destination like: Ninh Binh, Lao Cai…., and it is also many hotel

From this station, the railways were former, connecting Ha Noi capital with all regions of the country. Initially, the route was from Hanoi to Lang Son, then from Hanoi to Haiphong and Hanoi to Lao Cai. They spent 30 years finishing the new trans- Vietnam railways with 5 main routes: North- South Railway, Railway form Ha Noi to Lao Cai, Quan Trieu, Dong Dang and Hai Phong.

Ha Noi railway station also gain many rewards such as: The leading unit in the Railway Industry Emulation, Best Emulation Flag of the Ministry of Transportation,…

In conclusion Ha Noi railway station is an indispensable place for tourists when visiting Hanoi. It make your trip become easier and more convenient

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