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 Is book with cheaper ? rated the quality of this property as 3 out of 5 based on factors like facilities, size, location, and service
Is it better to book a hotel room on

Lower rates directly from the hotel
It is true, The Hotel des Marronniers does not derogate from the rule. Since a commission is due to for every reservation, the official website of the hotel offers customers a more interesting rate. No payment in advance, only a credit card number as a guarantee. Of course, by calling the hotel or sending an email, you will always have the best available rate too. You can also enjoy your questions about the hotel and especially have a first contact with our smiling professional team. Let’s not forget that our job is based on the human and what we love above all is to receive and pamper our guests. ????

Better cancellation policy with the hotel
Today, we propose on our website the best cancellation conditions available:

Ultraflexible rate with free cancellation until 6:00 pm D-Day
Flexible rate with free cancellation up to 48 hours before arrival
On, as on other booking sites, the cancellation conditions are less interesting. The cancellation at 6:00 pm on the day exists only on the hotel. It is also easier to make a reservation or room change by contacting the hotel directly. The hotelier is always delighted to help you in your organization so that your stay takes place at best. After all, it’s the hotel that is preparing to welcome you, not ????

Exclusive offers on the hotel’s official website
We also put exclusive offers online that do not exist on as at this time with the included breakfast offer. Flash sales can be put in place in parallel on reservation sites and on official website. Know that in this case, the rate will always be lower on our website.

Conclusion: Remember to always compare the price, offers and cancellation conditions posted on and on the official website of the hotel. You will be amazed, and especially you will win!
Aria Central hotel on - click to book.

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