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Hotel nearby Hanoi train station [List of Good hotels close Hanoi train station]
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 Hotel nearby Hanoi train station [List of Good hotels close Hanoi train station]

Hanoi train station or rail station of Hanoi (Vietnam): Ga Hà Nội.
Here the trains departs to the south. To Hue, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City.
Note: the trains (night trains) of the Vietnamese national railway company departs from track 1 to 6 (entrance from the front via the main building).

The tourist trains to Sa Pa leave from the back of the station. It is usually no problem to cross the tracks, but if you come by taxi, you go already to the right place.
The taxi from Old Town to the train station costs around 50,000 Dong. You better ask hotel staff or travel agent order for your reliable taxi other wise you also can book by GRAB App.
If you want to exchange a voucher for a tourist-night train to a real ticket, this is only possible at the rear (smaller) station: pass the railway building right hand and you will find a smaller garage. This opens about 1:30 hours before train leaves.
Arriving from Sa Pa by a night train in the morning, taxi drivers already awaits you and want to drive you to Old Town for 150,000 Dong. Just insist on the 50,000 Dong and you will be forwarded to cheaper drivers.

To book hotel nearby, Easy way to get on Agoda.
There are so many hotels, hostel close to Hanoi train station.
See a list of hotels near Le Duan Station and Tran Quy Cap Station, many quality hotels near the station with convenient transportation, cheap prices, cheap hotels near Hanoi station.
In addition to the hotels on Nguyen Van Cu Street, Hotels Near Nga Tu So Street, Ky Quan Viet Travel would like to list hotels near Hang Co Station and Tran Quy Cap Station.

The list of hotels and motels near Tran Quy Cap Station to Sapa, Tran Quy Cap Station to Sapa and from Sapa to Hanoi often welcomes trains returning very early, so book a hotel room near the station to avoid many inconveniences. We would like to list hotels near Tran Quy Cap Station for you to choose from.

Many people are interested in traveling to Vietnam, so exploring Vietnam tourism is the main trend of tourism in 2021. To have the best experiences, you need a list of quality, trustworthy hotels to accommodate your trip. go your own. Here, Ky Quan Viet Travel would like to introduce a list of quality hotels near Tran Quy Cap Station, Hang Co Station and Le Duan street.
See cheap 2 day 1 night Sapa tour from only 1,200,000 VND.

A25 hotel near Tran Quy Cap station.


This is a group of 2-star hotels in Hanoi. The quality of A25 hotel is okay, for taking a break. The hotel is near Tran Quy Cap Station and on Hai Ba Trung Street near the beginning of Cua Nam. Room price is 500,000/Night


Mercure Hanoi La Gare Hotel -  just 3-minute walk from Le Duan Station. The hotel is located on Ly Thuong Kiet street, crossing Le Duan, at the corner of Le Duan. As a 4-star hotel in Hanoi, the room quality is good but the price is a bit high. Mercure hotel room price is 1.500,000 VND/night.

Acoustic Hotel & Spa - Hotel in Hoan Kiem area, 1 km from Le Duan Station. Newly built 4-star hotel on Tho Nhuom street. Hotel address: 39 Tho Nhuom. The hotel currently has a room rate of 1.500,000 VND / night.

Hanoi Aria central Hotel & Spa - 1 minute walk from Le Duan Station, Near Tran Quy Cap Station Address: 45 Le Duan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Aria Central hotel & spa includes 21 rooms with modern and elegant design. Aria Central Hotel & Spa has a Spa on the first floor. The rooms are equipped with standard equipment of a 3-star hotel. Previously, the hotel mainly welcomed European guests. Is one of the good hotels on Le Duan Street, Hanoi. The hotel is still operating and is a quality hotel near Tran Quy Cap Station. Only 3 minutes walk to this hotel. The room price of this hotel is 299,000/night. Book a room at the Ariacentralhotel&spa here.


Mango Hotel - Mango Tree Hotel - Hotel at Le Duan Station. This hotel is located on Le Duan Street - Near Hang Co Station. It has been a hotel of the Vietnam Railways for decades. Hotel address: 118 Le Duan Street.


Cosiana Hanoi Hotel - Hotel near Aria Central Hotel & Spa next to Le Duan Station This hotel is quite clean and beautiful since before 2019, this hotel welcomes mainly Muslim guests: Indian, Malay guests.. . is designed quite beautifully, the hotel has been built for 7 years now. Currently the hotel has 50 quality rooms. The price of Cosiana hotel is 600,000/room.



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